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Five Mario Brothers Science Fiction Mashups (Mad Max, Star Wars, and More!)

If your childhood was filled with fond memories of gold coin chases, turtle rides, and psychedelic mushroom eating trips, then you’ll probably like the creative works of the folks below.

First up, we have “Mario Kart: Fury Road”, an awesome mashup of the Mad Max: Fury Road theatrical trailer and Mario Kart effects by Kris Sundberg.  Considering the premise of Mad Max – an endless car chase filled with violence, acrobatic hijinx, and explosions – its integration with Mario Kart is pretty seamless. My favorite scene in both the original trailer and the mashup is the opening: a gorgeous desert road that disappears into the distance, awaiting your next move…


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Life, Death, and Life Again in Mad Max: Fury Road


The world of 'Mad Max: Fury Road' a chaotic desert wasteland. Image Source: Warner Bros, Co. via the Official Main Trailer.

The world of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ a chaotic desert wasteland. Image Source: Warner Bros, Co. via the Official Main Trailer.

In the extreme desert wastelands of a post-nuclear Earth, Max Rockatansky and Imperator Furiosa fight for survival in a world riddled with decay. At first, life and death seem to be the only truths by which men and women abide. Warlords rule over entire populations through their hold over simple resources: water, gasoline, bullets. Reproduction, the essence of life and birth, is warped. Pregnant women are milked like cows in a dairy factory to nourish an ongoing war machine, while the most beautiful women are trapped in bank vaults as precious breeding commodities. Even our protagonist-hero, Max, states simply: “My world is reduced to a single instinct: Survive.”

Yet, even as Mad Max’s humankind tangles in a dance with death, the omnipresence of death fuels a new religion and aesthetic. Amidst adrenaline-fueled, literal blood-pumping car chase scenes, and rocker flame-fueled explosions that put Michael Bay to shame, Mad Max: Fury Road is still able to explore the rituals that men and women adopt at the extremes of survival.  In Mad Max: Fury Road, humankind will even worship cancer, death, and war, if it means that there is a chance of rebirth.

(Caution – Spoiler Alert!)


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