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Killjoys S1E1: Bangarang Review – Is This The Next Big SciFi Series?

S1E1 Bangarang || Next Episode: S1E2 The Sugar Point Run

Still from new Syfy series Killjoys. Image Source: Syfy via

Still from new SyFy series Killjoys, featuring Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, Aaron Ashmore as John Jaqobis, and Luke Macfarlane as D’Avin Jaqobis. Image from Copyright SyFy.

Call me a superfan at first sight. SyFy’s new show Killjoys is packed with layer after layer of visual narratives in its first episode “Bangarang”. Though many scifi fans like me feared that Killjoys would be a mere shadow, a copycat, of the dearly-departed Firefly, this show only has a few elements in common with Firefly (i.e. casual references to a corporate mega-entity called “The Company”, gun-slinging gals, and a western-style Bellus Hardy played by Nora McLellan). Instead, the Killjoys universe hearkens back to the imagery of classic science fiction movies like Blade Runner, and superhero origin stories like Batman Begins or Guardians of the Galaxy. I almost seems like Killjoys is set in the same, but far more expansive, universe of Blade Runner, topped off with a Desi superhero princess caught in the middle of ensuing civil war. Forget the naysayers. If you like universe-building space operas, this show is for you. (Caution – spoilers ahead!) (more…)

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SciFi and Movies, and LEGOs, Oh My!

LEGO versions of all six original Star Wars film posters will be released on May 4th.  Image Source:

LEGO versions of all six original Star Wars film posters will be released on May 4th. Image Source:

LEGO recently unveiled six new Star Wars posters to celebrate the recent digital release of the franchise. These posters will be available at the LEGO store on May 4th (may the fourth be with you)! Till then, let’s round up six more examples of pure LEGO sci-fi geekery: (more…)

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‘Blade Runner’ vs. ‘Ex Machina’: Testing the Human Conscience (spoiler alert!)

Rachael from 'Blade Runner' and Ava from 'Ex Machina'.  Together they embody two visions for artificial intelligence.

Rachael from ‘Blade Runner’ and Ava from ‘Ex Machina’. Together they embody two visions for artificial intelligence.

The bold, sexually aware female AI, the protagonist who risks his life on a crisis of conscience, and the amoral but brilliant scientist-turned-creator. Alex Garland’s Ex Machina borrows the visions of Blade Runner, but turns the narrative on its head. While the Replicants in Blade Runner strove towards some semblance to man (and man’s longevity), Ex Machinas robots strive for freedom beyond man. The robot becomes the inquisitor and the human a mere puppet. As the movie unfolds, Ex Machina is not afraid to question our preconceived notions about sentience and morality, and in the process, explicitly divorce the two.

The Turing Test Meets An Inquisitive Mind

Near the beginning of Ex Machina, Caleb posits a question about consciousness. If a computer is programmed to play chess, it might be able to play the game well. But does the computer know that it is playing chess, or even what a game is?


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