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Sunday Coffee

Art by Victoria Seimer. See more at

What if nothing in the future is bitter? Art by Victoria Seimer. See more at

Sunday, a day of rest. I looked up from my lounge chair at the sunlight streaming in from the windows, and took another sip of my coffee. The faint wisps of steam rose from my dark, bitter brew, and mingled with the pink teardrops of light that showered above.

Damnit! – I thought to myself. They’ve done it again. Improved on something that was already perfect. Lazy afternoon sunbeams should be just that – lazy afternoon sunbeams. Now, my smart window thinks something else will please my family more. That we needed something more wondrous, more exciting than simple, mundane, delicate rays of light. Sunbeams, born in nuclear fire and transported millions of miles to our window, are now refracted and reflected a million times by microscopic chips. The light now flows through my living room like chandelier rosettes. They’re doing a little dance, dipping and scattering in time with my coffee’s steam. (more…)

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