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Ray Bradbury’s Mars: Planet of Dreams

1950s Mars, inspired by Ray Bradbury's 'The Martian Chronicles.' SciFiMix original art, created using Mars Rover landscape images.

1950s Mars, inspired by Ray Bradbury’s ‘The Martian Chronicles.’ SciFiMix original art, created using NASA’s Mars Rover images and images of Levittown.

When we look at Mars today, we think of a barren cold desert. Any possibility of life is remote, ancient, and likely limited to unicellular organisms. The notion of Martians, let alone entire Martian civilizations, is a comical idea at best – reserved for loonies and weirdos that wear foil caps and revere ‘little green men.’

But in the mid-twentieth century, the time of Ray Bradbury and Orson Welles, Mars was a land of possibility. Like the New World to 15th-century Britain, it was an unexplored frontier for colonization. It was a tantalizing hidden world, crisscrossed with ‘canals’ that hinted at alien intelligence. (more…)

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