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Science Fiction is Amazing

We are an impossibility in an impossible universe
– Ray Bradbury

Science fiction, space travel, extreme tech, art and exploration.  Every single day, our reality is one step closer to the sci-fi universe of the past. From Asimov to Bradbury, Star Trek to Star Wars, humanity has always dreamt of its future. Though at times apocalyptic, and downright full of despair, science fiction’s capacity to take us out of the present and envision the realm of possibility is, in itself, the very heart of optimism. This site is dedicated to all sci-fi dreamers and space explorers. Welcome and enjoy!

Creator: Lily Li

HeadshotI grew up reading the eerie tales of Ray Bradbury and the space adventures of Robert Heinlein. They dreamed of a world beyond what we could see and touch, where future physicists, biologists, aliens, and time travelers could shape and mold the evolution of humanity itself.

At the same time that I was reading Bradbury and Heinlein, my bookshelf was filled with a complete set of Isaac Asimov’s 21st Century Library of the Universe (thanks folks!) – a wonderful children’s encyclopedia illustrated with full-page paintings of our solar system and far off galaxies. These works of art showcased the color and beauty of space – a beauty that must have motivated hundreds, if not thousands, of science fiction writers and producers.

I want to share this same wonder of science fiction and space to my readers, in a visual and accessible site. My Art Wikis and Sketches, though nowhere near as good as Asimov’s Library, can hopefully bring some of my favorite science fiction narratives to life – in full technicolor. My SciFi Mixed Links follow latest developments in science fiction, sci-fi art, tech, and space travel, and you’ll probably notice that the line between science fiction and tech news is getting more blurred each day. Finally, we’ll throw in some reviews and fun sci-fi mashups, to follow some of the amazing science fiction media being created all the time.

What else do I like besides science fiction? Board games (Risk, Settlers, Scrabble), law (I’m a business litigator), running (I’m a turtle), and food (since we all – at least the sane ones – like to eat).

Image FAQs

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